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At Van Loon Animal Hospital, your veterinarians serving Holmen, we provide comprehensive service to pets in a caring, supportive manner. When you visit our vet clinic, you will have access to affordable, quality care from a dedicated team of professionals.


Comprehensive Veterinarian Services in Holmen, MI

Our team is here to help with any needs your pet may have from wellness checkups to emergency visits. You can talk openly with our team while your pets relax and enjoy the time with our staff. Our services include most care needs for your pet.

Wellness Programs

Routine visits to the vet are an important part of maintaining your pet’s health. Our vet team offers comprehensive pet wellness programs designed to fit your pet’s health needs while also remaining affordable. Our services include wellness exams, vaccinations, nail trims, lab testing, as well as parasite prevention.

Spaying and Neutering Services

Van Loon Animal Hospital provides complete spay and neutering services at our location. We’ll work with you to determine the best time to spay or neuter your animal. We believe your pet’s health is better after these procedures. We have an on-staff surgical team to manage these needs. Cat declawing services are available as well.

Dental Care

Keeping your pet’s teeth clean helps minimize bacteria that causes pain and early tooth loss. Your pet’s dental health is essential to their long-term wellbeing. Our team will provide a visual inspection and then help treat conditions such as tooth abscesses, periodontal disease, and infections.

Orthopedic Care

As your pet gets older, he or she may develop orthopedic concerns, including conditions such as ligament sprains, hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, and fractures. Our goal is to pinpoint these concerns early on so that we can prevent worsening conditions.

Grooming Services

Bring your pet in for comprehensive grooming. Our team can help give your pet a nice, clean coat. In addition, we’ll look for any signs of trauma, hot spots, or parasites to alert you about.

Boarding Services

If you’re traveling, we can help provide boarding for your pet. Leaving your pet with us ensures a happy, pleasant experience and, if there is a problem, our vet is on hand to help.

Emergency Animal Clinic

If there’s an emergency with your pet, call our offices right away. Let us help you provide the best care for your pet. We can help with trauma, bites, burns, and other accidents.

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Don’t wait to bring your pet in to see our veterinarians. Contact Van Loon Animal Hospital now by calling (608) 526-2200 for an appointment for immediate help.

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