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Pet Dental Care

Providing pet dental care for your dog or cat is an important task that should be conducted regularly so that your pet’s oral hygiene does not deteriorate. Contact Van Loon Animal Hospital to meet with our Holmen veterinarian if your pet is suffering from a dental problem or if you need assistance with teeth cleaning. Our animal hospital also offers pet vaccinations, emergency care, and comprehensive examinations. Here is some information about the importance of dental care, how to clean your pet's teeth, and what our vet can do to help if a problem arises.


Why Dental Care Is Important For Pets

Your pet requires routine cleanings of their teeth to remove bacteria and tartar buildup. If this is not eliminated from the surfaces of a pet's teeth, it could push toward the gums. Plaque and tartar that gets trapped under the gums leads to gingivitis, which causes discomfort, inflammation, and bleeding of the gums. If gingivitis is not treated, it will escalate into periodontal disease. This deteriorates the roots of teeth and causes the teeth to fall out of a pet's mouth.

How to Care For Your Dog or Cat's Teeth

Make it a priority to tend to your pet's teeth often to keep them as clean as possible. Pet toothbrushes and paste are available to purchase from pet supply stores. Simply put a bit of pet approved paste on a brush and use it in the same manner as you do with your own teeth. Some pets will not allow the brushing of their teeth at first and it may take a bit of coaxing from you to get them used to the process. Our Holmen veterinarian is available to clean your pet's teeth if you are unable to do so on your own. In addition to teeth cleanings, check over your pet's teeth frequently to make sure there are no broken portions that require treatment. 

How Our Veterinarian Provides Pet Dental Care

When you bring your dog or cat to our veterinary care for a dental appointment, our veterinarian will first conduct a full examination of your pet to check on the rest of your pet’s body. This is important so that medical difficulties are treated appropriately. If your pet is suffering from a health condition, your pet may not be able to have a tooth surgically removed, if one is necessary, until after your pet is treated for that health condition. Our vet will clean your pet's teeth thoroughly at the end of the appointment. If your pet requires a tooth to be pulled out or needs a surgical procedure, a future appointment will be made for treatment.

Contact Van Loon Animal Hospital to make an appointment with our Holmen veterinarian for pet dental care, regular exams, or pet vaccinations. Call our animal hospital today at 608-526-2200.

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