Luxating Patella Surgery

Luxating Patella Surgery and Your Dog's Freedom to Run and Walk Pain-Free

Usually, a result of a malformation present at birth, luxating patella problems as well as hip problems can give your dog increasing amounts of pain and movement difficulty as they get older, eventually requiring orthopedic surgery. At Van Loon Animal Hospital in Holmen, WI we are better equipped to give you answers and provide solutions to your dog's knee and hip joint problems.


Evaluation is as Easy as I, II, III, IV

There is a scale against which a patellar luxation is measured to determine its severity:

  • Grade I: while the patella sometimes escapes, it also pops back into place on its own
  • Grade II: when the patella jumps out of position, it must be replaced manually
  • Grade III: the patella roams and is usually out of place, but it can be manually repositioned
  • Grade IV: the patella is never in place, and cannot be put back at all

What Causes a Luxating Patella, and Why is Orthopedic Surgery a Common Solution?

Luxating patella is a kneecap that repeatedly pops out of place due to a malformed surrounding structure. Along with hip problems, this knee condition is a leading cause of joint pain and irregular leg movements in dogs, often worsening over time. Evaluating for treatment includes making note of the malformations which exist and may be causing the condition, and evaluating the supporting soft tissue. It may take a combination of surgical approaches to perform successful luxating patella surgery.

Making the Pet Surgery Decision

Grade I and II conditions can often be managed successfully, but grades III and IV typically require surgery. Pet surgery is always a difficult choice for pet owners. Sometimes it's the right thing for a longer, happier life and that's a fairly easy decision. Other times, it may be tempting to let a minimal movement problem remain to avoid surgery and recovery time. 

Top-Quality Canine Joint Surgeons

We specialize in knee reconstructions and related orthopedic veterinary services as part of our full-service veterinary clinic and animal hospital. Our specific experience and many successful surgeries give us the advantage of diagnosing and treating your pet's knee condition.

Start with an Evaluation of Your Dog's Joints by Our Veterinarians

Take advantage of our veterinarians' experience and get to know our caring, professional staff with an evaluation visit. We'll help you understand your dog's joints and what might need treatment to improve their active lifestyle. To make an appointment, give us a call at Van Loon Animal Hospital in Holmen, WI -- (608) 526-2200.

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