Parasite Prevention

Parasites pose a danger to your pet. Some, like fleas, are mostly inconvenient though can lead to serious complications. Others, like heartworm, can cause severe illness and death if not properly treated. The good news is parasite infection is preventable with proper veterinary care. At Van Loon Animal Hospital, we have been providing pet owners in Holmen with reliable parasite prevention measures for many years. There are three basic categories of parasites that affect pets in Wisconsin. These are fleas and ticks, heartworm, and intestinal worms. 

Parasite Prevention

Fleas and Ticks

Flea infestations can be difficult to get rid of. Ticks can carry diseases, including Lyme disease,  Ehrlichiosis, and Anaplasmosis. Lyme disease can cause fever, fatigue, swelling, and joint pain. Chewable and topical medications are the most common flea and tick preventative medications. 


Heartworms can be deadly for dogs, cats, and ferrets if they aren't treated. Heartworms are contracted from the bite of an infected mosquito. It takes about 7 months for the larva to grow into an adult worm. Most animals won't show symptoms until the worm matures. 

As the parasites progress, the affected animal will develop a cough. The animal will become lethargic and easily winded. Heartworm treatment is costly and difficult, but heartworm prevention is inexpensive and easy. 

The most common heartworm preventative is a monthly chewable tablet. You can also choose a topical medication or a vaccine that protects your pet from 6-12 months. Even when your pet is on a heartworm preventative, you should have them tested for heartworms once per year. 

Intestinal Parasites

Tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms are common in dogs and cats. Dogs can also contract whipworms. Kittens and puppies may become lethargic, experience vomiting and diarrhea, have poor coat quality, and grow more slowly. Adult animals often show little to no sign that they are harboring these parasites in their digestive system, though symptoms will eventually develop. It's important to get young pets treated for intestinal parasites, and to test older dogs every 6-12 months. 

Contact Our Veterinarian for Parasite Prevention in Holmen

Parasite prevention is one of the most important aspects of veterinary care. If you are looking for reliable parasite prevention services in Holmen the veterinary professionals at Van Loon Animal Hospital are ready to assist you. Our veterinarian will assess your pet’s condition to determine the parasite prevention measures that will be most effective for your pet. For more information on parasite prevention or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call us today at (608) 526-2200.

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