Pet Boarding

What You Need to Know about Pet Boarding

Many pet owners need to arrange care for their animals when they travel overnight for work or leisure. Making sure your pet is cared for while you're gone is one of the responsibilities of pet ownership. Dogs need to have access to fresh food and water, be taken outside frequently for exercise and to go to the bathroom, and often need stimulation from other humans or dogs.  

Many owners are nervous about leaving their dogs with strangers or a pet boarding facility for the first time. A good place to start is with your veterinarian. The office may also offer boarding services for clients or can recommend a facility or individual who offers pet sitting services in his or her home. At Van Loon Animal Hospital in Holmen, WI, we can help guide you through the process of finding the right situation for your pet. 


Questions to Ask a Veterinarian or Pet Sitter

Before choosing a person or facility to care for your dog, you'll want to either visit the facility or the private sitter's home. Take a look at the environment to ensure it's pet safe, they have opportunities to exercise, and fresh food and water will be supplied. Be sure to ask what vaccinations are required and whether animal hospital services will be provided in case of an emergency or unexpected injury. If you decide to board with a veterinarian, it's likely emergency or medical services will be available onsite with your prior authorization. 

Additional items to go over include pick up and drop off times, instructions for feeding and giving any medications, whether you can provide your own food and how much, how the dog with be kept secure, and whether someone is present at all times. You'll also want to get costs, including any late pickup fees or charges for administering medications. It's also a good idea to have your dog meet the pet sitter or visit the veterinarian's animal hospital beforehand.   

A Pet Boarding Checklist for Owners

When dropping off your dog at a facility, the staff will probably go over a final checklist with you. This includes emergency contacts, whether you want to give prior authorization for medical care, your dog's feeding and medication schedule, and anticipated fees. This is also the time to remind the staff of anything they need to know about caring for your pet, such as whether the pet tends to be an escape artist or has separation anxiety. For specific questions or recommendations, please contact Van Loon Animal Hospital in Holmen today. 

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