Pet Grooming

Providing pet grooming for your dog or cat is an important part of their routine care. Failure to groom a pet can lead to many difficulties from an unkempt appearance to health risks. Contacting Van Loon Animal Hospital to meet with our Holmen veterinarian is an option available if you are unable to groom your pet on your own. In addition to routine well-visits, the administration of pet vaccinations, and preventative measures, our vet can bathe and groom your cat or dog in our facility. Here are some grooming actions that are required when caring for a dog or cat.

Caring For the Length of Nails or Claws

Your pet's claws or nails need to be trimmed on a routine basis. If they become too long, your pet is at risk of an injury as they could scratch themselves or have one of their toes become snagged in carpeting. This process is relatively easy, but an injury to your pet could arise if the wrong portion of the nail or claw is clipped. A pet clipper will work well at removing excess nail or claw from your pet. Make sure to read instructions that come with the tool or call our veterinarian to do the procedure for you.

Keeping the Fur and Skin Shiny and Clean

Routine bathing, brushing, and combing is necessary to keep your pet's fur in the best condition possible. Purchase a pet shampoo and make the procedure fun for your pet. Use lukewarm water for washing your dog or cat and be sure to rinse shampoo completely from their fur. Dry your pet thoroughly afterward. In between washings, comb or brush your pet's fur to keep it from becoming snarled or matted. Our veterinarian provides professional bathing services for those who need assistance with this procedure.

Tending to the Ears, Eyes, and Teeth

Your pet's ears, eyes, and teeth also require cleaning to keep them at their absolute best. At home, a wet washcloth can be used to wipe around the eyes or the insides of ears to remove debris. A dental wipe works well at removing bacteria from a pet's teeth. Our veterinarian will look at your pet's ears, eyes, and teeth in detail to determine whether any medical problems are present that require treatment. They will then tend to these areas to clean them thoroughly. These procedures are done during well-exams or a separate appointment can be made for these services.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Contact our Holmen veterinarian at Van Loon Animal Hospital to inquire about scheduling availability for grooming services for your pet. Call our practice today at (608) 526-2200 to find out more about grooming your pet or to make an appointment with our vet. We also provide wellness visits, pet vaccinations, and other preventative measures.

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