Pet Wellness Exam

Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility. Your need pet has many needs that you will need to tend to. they need love, attention, and affection. They are going to need food and water, and you need to make sure that their fur is shiny and clean. Another important thing that you need to do is schedule annual pet wellness exams with your veterinarian. There are several reasons why you should take your pet to Van Loon Animal Hospital in Holmen regularly.

Pet Wellness Exam

Physical Exam

To be sure that your pet is healthy, they will need a tail to nose examination every year. During the exam, the veterinarian will check his eyes, teeth, and ears. They also check the condition of their fur and skin. Your vet will listen to their heart, lungs, and stomach to be sure that everything is functioning properly. Finally, they will check their paws and their gait. If your pet has a medical condition, it can be caught early during the physical exam.

Diagnostic Tests

Your veterinarian may perform a blood test during their annual checkup. They may also perform a urinalysis and test a stool sample. There are a number of conditions that can be detected through these tests.

Weight Checks

Pet obesity can result in several health complications. During their annual wellness check, your vet will check their weight. If they are overweight, they will recommend a diet and exercise program to help them get down to a healthy weight. If your pet is underweight, your vet will run some test to determine if their weight issue is due to a health condition. They may also put them on a high-calorie diet.


Your pet needs to be vaccinated if they are going to live a long and healthy life. When they are young, they will get all of their shots. When they get older, they are going to need booster shots every year. During their annual wellness exam, your vet will give them any vaccinations that they are due for.

Questions and Concerns

It is not uncommon to have questions or concerns regarding your pet's health, diet, and behavior. During their yearly exam, you will have a chance to talk to the vet about these concerns.


There are certain medications that your pet will need to remain healthy. They will need heartworm pills to prevent them from getting heartworm. They will also need a supply of flea and tick medications to prevent flea infestation and tick-borne illnesses. During their annual pet care visit, your vet can make sure that they get all the medications that they need to remain happy and healthy.

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