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We offer the most comprehensive list of services for your fur family members in the Holmen area. Our mission is to heal and treat your pawed family as if they were our own, by providing a wide range of care in a serene environment that minimizes stress for you and your animal. The entire veterinary staff is highly skilled and educated on every aspect of healing your pets so they achieve optimal lifelong wellness.

Dogs at the Veterinary

What do we offer?

By choosing Van Loon Animal Hospital, you've taken a pawsitive step towards the betterment of your pets. Not only are our technicians calming and our services affordable, we go above and beyond to ensure quality and essential customized plans for each animal we take under our wing. It's a testament to who we are and the amount of programs we offer that keep our patients coming back and at the forefront of the Holmen community.

Here's a list of the many services we provide:

  1. Pet Wellness Exams - A routine pet wellness exam is essential to their well-being. The moment our veterinarian determines what's necessary after a thorough health history of your animal, we go to work by offering lab testing (blood, urine, feces), nail trimming, parasite testing and prevention, and guidelines & recommendations on lifestyle modifications (diet, exercise, daily activities). 
  2. Spay and Neuter - In order to prevent over-breeding of feral cats or dogs, we recommend your animal be spayed and neutered as the practice offers numerous health benefits. We don't want to see homeless animals on the streets, therefore under the careful guidance of our team, the procedure is performed in a compassionate manner. 
  3. Spa-type of Grooming - We love to treat your pet as though they're at the spa! We thoroughly check for hot spots or other skin issues that our skilled team will alert you to during the shampoo, conditioning, and massaging process. If they need a signature haircut, we can do that too! Your pet will leave our grooming area as beautiful as ever!
  4. Boarding - If you're traveling and in need of a safe and secure environment, we've got you covered.
  5. Orthopedic Care - When your pet is suffering from joint inflammation our veterinarian can diagnose and treat everything from hip displasia to bone fractures, to ligament strains or tears, to chronic osteoarthritis.
  6. Dental Care - By reducing your pet's risk of periodontal disease, tooth abscesses, or other common dental condtions, our dental technicians clean your animal's teeth and gums until they're sparkling white and healthy!

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