Spay & Neuter

Spay and Neuter Surgery From Van Loon Animal Hospital

Spay and Neuter Surgery From Van Loon Animal Hospital

For routine care by appointment, to emergency care for your pet, The Van Loon Animal Hospital in Holmen, Wisconsin, offers pet care you can approve of. 

Understanding the Terms Spay & Neuter

Whether you're a seasoned pet owner or are thinking about pet adoption, you want to make the most informed decisions regarding the health of your pet. One of the first questions is whether to spay or neuter. First, let's define those terms. 

Spaying, or more technically ovariohysterectomy, is for females as it is the removal of her reproductive system.

Neutering, or more technically orchiectomy, is for males as it is the removal of his testicles. However, the word neuter can be applied to the sterilization of either sex. These procedures are performed under anesthesia and in sterile conditions. 

Why Spay & Neuter Pets?

In short, it best for their health, makes life easier for you as their pet parent and reduces the unwanted pet population. 

For A Female: If you have your pet spayed before her first heat, you are drastically reducing the chances of cancer and serious uterine infections. Spayed pets live longer. As a pet owner, you will no longer have to endure your pet being in heat and the work that brings for 2 to 4 weeks. If your pet was aggressive or prone to wander, the surgical procedure may curb this behavior. 

For A Male:  Having this surgery reduces the chances of your pet getting testicular cancer or suffering from a prostate disease. The good news is there will be 80% less lifting his leg to mark his territory. If he was aggressive toward other dogs or humans, his behavior may become more low-key after neutering.  

What Happens During the Spay & Neuter Procedure?

For spaying females, an abdominal incision is made, through which the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and ovaries are removed. For neutering males, it's easier because no abdominal opening is necessary, just snipping off the testicles. Your pet will receive anesthesia, fluids, and pain medications through an IV before, during, and afterward. In either procedure, a closure may be with stitches, staples, glue, and bandages applied. After the recovery period, the vet will determine whether to discharge the same day or to hold overnight. In a couple of weeks, your pet's incisions should heal and its activity back to normal. 

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This Holmen veterinarian offers routine and emergent care, pet vaccinations, and surgery.

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