Why Van Loon Animal Hospital?


Surgeries are performed by doctors with years of experience with the following safety and comfort amenities at your pets disposal:
Heated surgery pads

IV fluid warmers

Safety monitoring equipment to measure your pets blood oxygen, EKG and blood pressure throughout your procedure

Board Certified Technicians

All patients are accompanied throughout surgery and recovery by our certified and highly trained staff; Van Loon Animal Hospital makes every attempt to acquire and maintain the employment of only the most motivated, friendly and highly trained staff. From our kennel attendants to our technicians and office managers, they all have had a variety of educational and or life experiences making them highly qualified to assist on what may be the only surgery your pet ever has. Your life is in our hands; this is a responsibility we have taken very seriously.

Laser Surgery comfort with an incision that is fully insured

Dr. Hein was first to bring laser technology to Western Wisconsin. Our laser program offers your pet the comfort of a laser, suture free skin incision that is fully insured by our hospital. We stand behind our work even when your pet destroys our work; man plans…. but sometimes God laughs. You can rest knowing you have purchased “complete care.”

Why Spay/Neuter?

Male cats

prevents territorial marking, aggression and free roaming that leads to increasing incidence of aids virus infection in cats

Female cats

prevents unwanted pregnancy, uterine infections, and ovarian cysts that can lead to mammary tumors which are 90% malignant in female cats

Male dogs

Prevents aggression, territorial marking, embarrassing leg humping while entertaining guests and most perianal tumors
and prostatic disease

Female dogs

Prevents unwanted pregnancy, uterine infections, uterine polyps and cystic ovarian disease which leads to mammary cancer

Affordability /Interest free care

Our philosophy is to offer our clients the very best at an affordable price. We make this possible by offering to finance your surgery free of charge. Log onto this site for a line of credit on us that you can use for your surgery or your pets next emergency.

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